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Sowing Excellence

Sow /sō/ (verb)

  • To scatter seeds for growth
  • To plant good roots
  • To set into motion

Our Seeds

  • Sow Good firmly believes that we can all plant seeds to sow a better version of ourselves, our communities, and our world.
  • We plant our seeds by coming into work each day dedicated to creating delicious, nutritious food that enriches the lives of our customers and employees while reducing our environmental impact. We believe that we are only as excellent as our employees, which is why we provide a living wage, full benefits, and stock options to every employee.
  • We strive for nothing short of excellence because that is what our customers, employees, and environment deserve.
Planting Our Roots

GROWTH: Bring passion, ambition, and excitement to every conversation; take pride in your work; strive for excellence in every task; and view mistakes as opportunities for growth.
INNOVATION: Be bold in action and thought, embrace new ideas, and view obstacles as exciting challenges.
COMMUNITY: Encourage your colleagues, collaborate with enthusiasm, and be a force that fosters respect, trust, and improvement.
SUSTAINABILITY: Incremental changes amongst many people have tremendous power to sow a better world. There is no “one size fits all” approach to sustainability, and we are happy to meet customers and employees wherever they are in their journey.

Setting Into Motion

Weeds take vital resources from their environment and harm the growth of seeds. Sow Good’s roots are deeply intertwined with every process, action, and decision we make to set into motion a long-lasting environment that minimizes waste.
Waging a War Against Waste: The Three Weeds

  1. Wasting materials
  2. Wasting time
  3. Wasting actions

By staying true to Sow Good’s roots, we can maximize efficiency, employee safety, operational savings, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

The Sow Good Commitment

The heart of sowing excellence is the commitment to planting new seeds of growth every day. The Sow Good team is committed to leading with the innovation, passion, and root values needed to achieve the excellence that our colleagues, customers, and environment deserve.

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